by Pablo Ablanedo Octet(o)

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There are times in the score when the music feels so lithe and delicate and tenuous that the charts feel as if they are literally angular and elastic, and the notes inhabit the musical tapestry forming a kind of shifting sand in the rhythm section. Ironically it is also this section of the ensemble that is the glue that holds all the other musical instruments together. This is especially true of the composer’s pianism that is full of rhythmic and harmonic subtlety that seems to be barely there, but at the same time forms the diaphanous fabric of the music that flows throughout the background—and sometimes the foreground—of each of the musical compositions and interpretations. There is no tango, no waltz, no chacarera, no Milonga, but all of these rhythms and forms are spectrally present throughout. In fact the music of Mr. Ablanedo seems to be written and performed in four dimensions—those that are obvious to the mind’s ear and those that are suggested and understood only by the spirit and its soul. Such is the beauty and power of this music.
(5 Stars) Latin Jazz Network (Canada)

“ReContraDoble” is an impressive piece of work, a meticulously crafted album that features intriguing compositions, colourful and innovative arrangements and some excellent playing from a highly competent ensemble. It’s unmistakably Latin music but avoids all the clichés of the genre, this is Latin music played with discipline and precision rather than wild abandon and to these ears it’s all the more satisfying for that.
(4 Stars) The Jazz Mann (UK)

The album shows a mature composer, who creates wonderfully personal expressions while leaving ample room for the improvisational identities of his band members. There’s a deep rooted sense of tradition within the music that is balanced by a forward looking feeling; this is some powerful stuff worth hearing. The Latin Jazz Corner (US)


released February 7, 2013

Record Label: Creative Nation Music (CNM 023)

Fernando Brandao - Flute, alto and bass flutes
Phil Grenadier - Trumpet
Daniel Ian Smith - Tenor/Soprano saxophone and laughs
Kelly Roberge - Tenor saxophone and clarinet
Eric Hofbauer - Guitar
Pablo Ablanedo - Piano and composition
Fernando Huergo - Bass
Franco Pinna - Drums
Bertram Lehmann - Percussion
Greg Hopkins - Trumpet on 1, 2, 4, 5 and 7.
Katie Viqueira - voice on 8

Recorded by Warren Amerman at Rotary Records, West Springfield, MA, on June 16 & 17, 2012
Mixed and Mastered by Warren Amerman at Rotary Records
Almita (vocal) recorded by Sergio Liszewski, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Art and design by Lucile Chaurin Ablanedo
Photos by Francisco Marty
Produced by Pablo Ablanedo Octet(o)
Executive Production: Pablo Ablanedo and Creative Nation Music



all rights reserved


Pablo Ablanedo Octet(o) Cambridge, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Almita (vocal)

Quieren los astros del cielo,
que cante así corazón,
que cante así con dolor,
corazón con dolor.

Me han asignado esta vida,
pa' cantarte con dolor,
pa' cantarte corazón,
con dolor, corazón.

Ay, almita del cielo,
¿qué pasó,
qué pasó?

¿Quién sabe qué le ha pasado?
a mi almita corazón,
a mi almita con dolor,
corazón con dolor.

¿Qué le han hecho de pequeña?
pa' cantarte con dolor,
pa' cantarte corazón,
con dolor, corazón.

Ay, almita del cielo,
¿qué pasó,
qué pasó?

Pablo Ablanedo